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Take Back


We take pride in our commitment with sustainability and the quality of each of our products. We use only the finest materials available, some of which have already been recycled (ie. Econyl) and we aim to create timeless and durable pieces that transcend seasons.


Having said that, we believe that now is the time to take the next step forward and give life to this project that we have been devising since a couple of years ago. We want to actively participate in giving our swimsuits a second life.

Our upcycling system is made up of 3 simple steps:

1. We invite all our customers to send us back their used Isla de Lobos pieces, and in exchange, we gift them with a 10% discount valid for future purchases. We collect all swimwear free of charge throughout the Spanish territory (except Canary Islands).

2. Subject to I&D artisanal techniques, the items will be recycled to create new products, such as beach bags and sandals. We will give them a new life.

3. The net profits obtained from the sale of these products will be donated to one of the non-profit organizations which we collaborate with (OCC Uruguay, Coral Reef Alliance, Sea Safe, Oceana).

Click here to request the collection of your used Isla de Lobos swimsuit.


Do the swimsuits have to be from Isla de Lobos?
Yes, at this initial stage, we only have capacity to receive our own swimsuits for this recycling program. We are aiming expand and be able to accept any used swimsuit in the near future.


Can I return items that are not in good condition?
Yes, we take care of classifying the garments before they are recycled. We will make the most of all the available material and what cannot be re-used (for hygienic reasons, safety or quality of the materials) it will be discarded following a rigorous waste management procedure.


Can you pick up my used swimsuit at the same time that you bring me an order?
Yes, the courier that carries your order can use the same trip to collect your used swimsuit. You just need to check the corresponding box at the time of making your purchase.
Remember that the parcel must be properly closed, should not weigh more than 1kg nor measure more than 30cm x 40cm


In which areas do you make collections?

We can make collections throughout the Spanish territory excepting the Canary Islands.

How do you select the non-profit associations with which you collaborate with?
We select these organizations for their long history, experience, and their degree of transparency and reputation.


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