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Our Ethics and Sustainable Practices

At Isla de Lobos we share an holistic approach towards sustainability and the impact we have on the people and world around us. Everything matters: from where our fabrics come from, to who is sewing our clothes, the economy of design that we practice indoors and of course, the way in which our customers connect to our brand. This is a one-way journey where little milestones are accomplished on a daily basis making visible and measurable changes that ultimately brings us closer to our final goal which is to be 100% sustainable and generate zero waste while supporting fair working oportunities.

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Within our studio, our conduct is based in saving every little fabric swatch, colour sample and material catalogue that arrives to us. On the one hand, this prevents us from producing unnecessary waste and, on the other hand, this helps us build an invaluable materials' library which is getting sturdier and more and more relevant as time goes by.


We are recyclers to the extreme. We re-use every single paper corner we can, every single fabric swatch, carton,  box or bag that comes across our way until there's only left traces of what they have once been. And we pay it back too by donating materials we do not need to NGO's and local charities that need them.

Our design ethos is one that believes in long-lasting clothes that can be worn over and over again without loosing fast on quality. We work our collections around core fabrics that transcend seasons and we re-use them inviting customers to mix and match new season's products with past season's articles. We also share with them all sorts of expertise and looking after tips so as to extend the lifetime of their garments.


Our fabrics are sustainable: they are either done with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester or they come from carefully selected suppliers which are worldwide leaders in sustainable practices and constantly monitor every single

stage of their production’s cycle in order to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals and waste they generate.

At this present time, around 60% of all fabrics we use are made out of post- consumer recycled fishnets and plastic bottles that are collected out of the oceans. We have the firm objective to increase this number to 75% by 2022. By doing this, we are actively supporting this practice and putting our bit in helping to clean the oceans. All the materials we use are also guaranteed to be 100% free from azo colourants, protecting your skin and your body from banned harmful chemicals still widely used nowadays.

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